Kahazar Exploration and Production Company (KEPCO) signed a 2 year consultancy service contract with PPZ Co. in July, 2012.


On the 20th of February, 2015 PPZ Co. was entrusted a one year contract with Iranian Central Oil Fields Company (ICOFC) to provide drilling engineering for 14 land rigs and drilling operation services for 6 other land rigs. In this regards, PPZ Co.


In September 2013, PPZ Co. was awarded a 3 year contract with Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC) in order to provide drilling engineering services for 7 and operation services for 5 rigs in the Persian Gulf.


Iranian offshore oil company (IOOC) on the 9th April, 2012 signed a 3 year consultancy services contract with PPZCo. to use the technical capabilities and skills of this company in different disciplines such as Reservoir

Engineering Studies and Operations, Petrophysical Studies and Operations, Geophysical Studies, Geological Studies and well site operations, Process Engineering and process Optimization Studies, Production Engineering Operations and Studies,



Azar is an oil field in the West of Iran. Technical engineering and drilling supervision of the field development Process was awarded to Pars Petro Zagros (PPZco) by Petroleum Engineering and Development Co. (PEDEC).

In April 2012, Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC) a 4 year contract called Petroleum Engineering and Geosciences Consultancy Services with PPZ Co.